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Tracey Lange

09:00 - 12:00


9 to 12 on Heart 104.9FM is a celebration of life, Food, fashion, entertainment and a bit more about the music. Glitz and glamour will form part of the framework of Tracey’s space but she intends to bring those elements closer to the audience. Tracey’s infectious personality and bubbly energy aims to deliver a colourful and happy medium in the mid-morning.

Lunch with Clarence Ford

12:00 - 15:00


Showcasing the laid-back music that made us famous, Clarence is also the custodian of the station’s social consciousness and the contact point for our core listenership to request their most treasured tunes and celebrate the City’s unique culture.


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  • Targeted Marketing

    Through radio, advertisers can talk selectively to the groups they’re targeting. Radio stations have research available that tells you exactly what type of people are listening at any given moment of the day – you can plan the use of your advertising budget to get the best possible Return on Investment.
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Source: RAB UK; *Sparkler Research “Happiness” Study, 2011

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