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Sunday Lunch with Lunga Singama

10:00 - 14:00


Lunga Singama’s bubbly personality and urban energy have created a distinctly listener-oriented show that keeps the Heartland connected. Every week, a local personality joins him on air to educate our East Cape import about what makes the Cape special for them.

Sound of Sunday with Irma G

14:00 - 18:00


Every Sunday afternoon, Irma G delivers a distinctive mix of relaxed music that captures the essence of the day as suburban families and friends share the opportunity to simply be themselves, and share their love.


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News Team

Our Heart FM News team is a powerful, experienced group of specialist radio news journalists.

With a strong focus on the local and regional news agenda, they're in daily contact with the newsmakers, analysts and power brokers who shape and monitor the social and political landscape. They're highly respected knowledge holders who probe beneath the surface of the story; fearlessly interrogating those in authority so that the people of the Cape can get to the heart of the stories that matter most to them.

They tell you these stories themselves - ensuring that what you hear is absolutely accurate, balanced, and relevant to your own life. We're committed to making those stories easily understood and utterly credible.

Kaylee Kruser is one of the region's most passionate and informed journalists, with a special interest in core community issues like health and education. Catch her in discussion with our Breakfast Show host at 07h00 every weekday as she unpacks the day's news agenda; highlighting the information that will shape the evolution of the big stories.

Mantsadi Sepheka's long established, deep grasp of African news helps drive the team's commitment to ensuring that we remain rooted in the continent, and informed of the dynamics that influence our place in its progress.

Ntuthuzelo Nene brings a vast and intimate understanding of the personalities and dynamics that define and direct the nation's politics. His years of investigative reporting, and willingness to challenge authority to defend its statements, allow our team to slow the spin and give you real insight into the major stories affecting our future.

Graeme Raubenheimer has spent years studying and probing the relationships that shape the region's power dynamics. His insights on the inner workings of both the Metro and the Province help give the team the capacity to ensure that we are an unwaveringly trustworthy source of the information that most directly affects your daily life.

Lauren Paris is the one who heads to where the action is. She takes you onto the streets to join the crowds when issues boil over, into the court rooms when justice must be meted out, and wherever the people are who have the information you need to know. She also stays in constant contact with the police, tracking crime in the Cape for you on a daily basis.

Join our editor, Roi Simpson, at 12 noon every weekday as he delves deeper into the key stories; giving the context and broader perspectives that explain why we're following those stories, and how we think they might unfold. His holistic grasp of the complex interrelationships between different stories allows you to easily grasp the patterns and implications of the information we share.

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